Discover a spot in the Mediterranean where nature offers us the opportunity to enjoy great weather, where age-old cultures have left testimony of their passing and where life is lived to the full.

Alcúdia is a peninsula situated in the NE of the island of Majorca between its two bays – that of Alcúdia and that of Pollença – covering an area of 60 km2, with more than 30 km of coastline and some of the longest beaches in Majorca. Its strategic location in the Mediterranean has given rise, over centuries, to its being one of the main ports of entry into Majorca, with wonderful natural surroundings and many protected areas.

Alcúdia presents a highly varied landscape. As well as numerous coves and beaches with transparent waters, it also offers a broad range of opportunities for all visitors: from those seeking peace and relaxation or doing some kind of sport, to enjoying nature, being immersed in history and culture, right up to those interested in gastronomy, folklore, handicrafts, etc.

The historical center of Alcudia originates in the XIV century after the Catalan conquest of the island. King James II of Mallorca ordered the construction of the walls to protect the city and the island of possible enemy attacks. In the XVII century a second wall, of Renaissance style was built, currently under restoration .

Alcúdia was declared Artistic Historial Site in 1974 and is nowadays the best preserved walled town of the Island. The centre is only for pedestrians and in its streets you can enjoy a wide range of gastronomy and shopping. Every Tuesday and Sunday is celebrated the craft and food market which has its origins in the 14th century.